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French press

Also called a plunger coffee maker, it is a method of dipping to make coffee, it is one of the most popular and simple methods that exists, perfect for brewing coffee in the house.


A filtered method for preparing coffee; Designed and manufactured in the Carmen de Viboral; Mixing the whole tradition of Carmen’s dishes and the essence of the preparation of special coffee.


It is a filtered coffee method, perfect to obtain a uniform cup with low acidity, little bitterness and in a very short time.


Filtered method for the extraction of coffee, is of German origin and is cataloged as one of the best designs of modern times.


It is a vacuum coffee method, resulting in a clean cup, with a good body and allows to highlight different nuances of the coffee.

It’s all a physical-chemical show!


Dripper V60

Popularly called v60, it is a filtered method for extracting coffee.

Cold Brew

It is a cold extraction coffee method, whose extraction takes about 12 and 20 hours. Cold Brew is a perfect refreshing drink, with low acidity and a satin texture.


Perfect for tea and infusions of fruits and aromatic herbs.

Your coffee is served in the famous hand-made porcelane cups from El Carmen de Viboral- Antioquia

We also sell them!

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